Powering Case Acceptance

Effortlessly deliver comprehensive and educational dental treatment plans on any device that your patients can understand, accept and schedule an appointment, all from the palm of their hand.

Dental Treatment Plan
Dental Treatment Plan

Powering Case Acceptance

Effortlessly deliver comprehensive and educational dental treatment plans on any device that your patients can understand, accept and schedule an appointment, all from the palm of their hand.

Zuub is built for treatment coordinators to achieve more while providing patients with a better overall experience

  • Fully automated real-time insurance eligibility verification – eliminate 90% of verification calls!

  • Integrates with your existing Practice Management System with no additional work for you or your staff

  • Educational videos and descriptions offered for each procedure

  • Offers customizable financing options

  • Case acceptance reporting dashboard

  • HIPAA compliant

how Zuub helps practices achieve more

Daily Snapshot

1000 +
Treatment Plans Sent
2000 +
Appointments Scheduled
Insurances Verified
$ 1 +
Treatment Plans Accepted

What Our Customers Have To Say

"We started using Zuub in Q3 of 2018 and have been really impressed with the value that it has delivered in terms of an increase in treatment plan acceptance in addition to a superb patient experience.‬"
Jennifer P.‬
Practice Manager‬
San Jose, CA
"Our practice was able to get over 10x return on investment with this software without requiring any additional work from our back office."
William J.‬
Practice Owner‬
Seattle, WA
"Having integrated financing options with the treatment plan makes things more affordable to our patients and it allows the patient to easily apply for financing right from their treatment plan.‬"
Melissa N.‬
Treatment Coordinator
Scottsdale, AZ
"My first experience with Zuub was as a dental patient, and I was really impressed with how easy it was for me to access my treatment plan and learn more about any of the procedures. I have recommended this product to all of my clients who are interested to see a spike in their case acceptance in an automated fashion.‬"
Francis M.‬
Dental Consultant‬
Chicago, IL
"We experienced a year over year increase of 32% in case acceptance since we started using Zuub! The team keeps improving the software and the support team has been super responsive when needed. "
Sandra M.‬
Charlotte, NC
"Zuub has been a game changer for our organization in terms of its impact to our production and providing us with additional visibility into detailed analytics around case acceptance.‬"
Patrick S.‬
Head of Operations - DSO‬
San Antonio, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s great! A thriving practice is no easy feat. But why stop there when you still have room to increase production and maximize your margin. Our software disrupts the current state of treatment plan presentations and patient take-home materials, allowing Zuub practices to convert more new leads to patients and maximize ROI on patient marketing efforts.

Zuub offers a patient friendly treatment plan presentations that replaces ADA billing codes with patient friendly procedure names, procedure descriptions, videos and financing options automatically delivered to your patients via text or email. Your patients have the ability to request for an appointment or to apply for financing directly from their treatment plan presentations.

Our successful dental practices include single location businesses all the way up to dental service organizations with hundreds of locations.

Zuub was developed with the enterprise client in mind. We offer out of the box solutions, as well as customization options for those organizations that require it. Schedule a demo with one of our DSO account executives to learn more.

Yes, our software supports both Ortho and Pedo offices.

Zuub was not created to replace the type of personal connection that a treatment coordinator can have with their patients. Zuub was developed to supplement all the great work that the staff at your dental practice does in order to make an impact on your case acceptance rates and your dental production.

We integrate with Dentrix, Eaglesoft and Open Dental practice management software.

Patient financing integrations is part of our on-boarding process. We offer custom integrations with most patient financing platforms.

Zuub updates on a nearly real-time basis by pulling data every 5-15 minutes in order to make sure your patients are able to access to most updated information in their treatment plan presentation.

Our platform has integrations with over 240 dental insurance providers and we continue integrating with additional providers every month.

Zuub was developed knowing that the staff at dental practices should be supporting patients and not software therefore we’ve built our software to support full automation features.

Dental treatment plan presentations are automatically delivered to your patients via text or email. Your patients are required to verify their identity by providing their date of birth in order to view their treatment plans.

No, your patients are not required to download an app. Our treatment plan presentations are web based and they are designed to work on any size device including desktop, mobile and tablet.

All of our services are encrypted end to end, and our software is built on a HIPAA compliant platform to ensure maximum protection of your data and patients PHI.

Our installation and setup process usually takes less than 15 minutes. One of our on-boarding specialists will be available to help you during this process and to answer any additional questions that you might have.

There are many factors such as the size of your practice, number of dentists working at your practices and the volume of treatment plans created that could influence your monthly service costs. We encourage you to schedule a demo and have our client development specialist provide you with your pricing needs.

No, we believe in our product and we know that it works therefore we don’t require you to sign an annual contract. We do offer discounts on annual contracts during some promotions so be sure to ask your account manager if interested.

No, we do not offer free trials.

We provide online support accessed directly from your dashboard. Most support questions are addressed online in less than 4 hours (during business hours). We do offer phone support for more complex or training related inquiries if needed.

We encourage you to first schedule a demo and experience the full potential of our software.

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