Outsourcing Dental Insurance Verification
Outsourcing Dental Insurance Verification

To outsource or not. That is the question! Being a dental insurance coach one of the many questions that I get each week is “Do you think we should outsource our Insurance Verifications?”  My answer to everyone is the same:

Dental Insurance Verification Benefits
Benefits Of An Automated Dental Insurance Verification Software

Verification of dental insurance benefits is a crucial task that can lead to less problematic issues with accounts receivable. Not only will it improve your accounts receivable numbers, it can also help with treatment plan acceptance. Having the information to

Dental Insurance Details
Common Obstacles With Dental Insurance Companies For Obtaining Coverage Details

When the patient asks us ‘’Can you find out what my coverage is?’’, we all suddenly feel a massive panic attack coming. Dental insurance companies have made it so difficult to help our patients and we end up failing to

Dental insurance verification
How To Avoid Most Common Mistakes Made During Patient Insurance Verification

Who dreads the statement “I have new dental insurance. What does my new plan cover?” Better yet, when a patient lets you know at the end of their appointment, they now have dental insurance. Now we need to know exactly